3 Replies to “Guided Tour of OCW”

  1. You do realize that Lee Stranahan is part of the right-wing douchebag Andrew Brietbart’s little gang of monkeywrenchers and bullshit propagandizers over the Big Government blog, right?

  2. Yeah, the right rev’s right. They all a bunch of boy scouts and girl scouts downtown. Truly an embarrassment to the Tea Party. Anyone who says diff’rent is a full-of-shit propagandist for the corporations.

  3. rev.paperpoy: Yes, I’m familiar with his connection to Brietbart, et. al. but have been following his work long before that, both with regards to graphic arts and his political activities advocating for healthcare reform. He’s not an unfair minded person, imho.

    The reportage in this case was interesting insofar as providing a more in-depth view of the OCW camp guided by someone who’s been there from the start and was well informed about various aspects of it. Granted, that “Sage” character was a bit of a paranoid kook who rambled on far too long, but hey, I’m sure there’s more than a few of those present.

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