Cain 2012: Performance Art Project?

We should have known at Pokemon! Rachel Maddow is now convinced that Herman Cain’s campaign is nothing more than an elaborate performance art project. As far as offbeat theories to rationalize the otherwise inexplicable go, this hypothesis may have some merit…

However amusing as it would be to think that the Cain campaign is wickedly clever enough to be pranking the electorate with some satirical purpose in mind, I seriously doubt it to be the case. More convincing to me is the impression that Herman Cain and his team are quite genuinely stupid. Any Onion-like resemblance to facetious comedy are completely inadvertent.

Guided Tour of OCW

Independent filmmaker Lee Stranahan saves you the trouble of actually going to Zuccotti Park with a fascinating, hour-long tour of the “Occupy Wall Street” encampment.

It’s not an altogether pretty picture by any means, but it seems to be a fairly realistic one.