Promoting “Conservative Values”

Judge William Adams, caught on tape in 2004 after his daughter secretly filmed him repeatedly beating her on the backside with a belt, apparently for illegally downloading music and games from the Internet that she claims were “unavailable for legal purchase at the time”…

NSFW Warning: This is quite disturbing footage and filled with profanity.

In the video, Judge Adams can be heard ordering his daughter to “Lay down! I’ll spank you in the fucking face!” during the battering. The judge then leaves the room, apparently to retrieve another belt before yelling “I never got mah lick in on ‘er… I’ll beat you into submission!” and then continuing the abuse for several minutes.

Adams, a Republican and family law judge in the east Texas county of Aransas has been re-elected several times, often running unopposed. According to the Aransas County Republican Party’s website, its mission is to “promote conservative values.”

Speaking to a local TV news station about the video, the judge claimed, “it’s not as bad as it looks on tape.”