Take Off, Eh?

As a Halloween treat, Ezra Levant attempts to be funny by masquerading as an obnoxious “Barge Delahunty” intruding on a Rob Ford look-alike (who knew?) in a series of increasingly awkward encounters.

I have to admit that this parody had its humorous moments, even though the premise was quickly beaten to death; although that may well have been part of the point.

Not shown in its entirety here, Levant went on from this spoof to viciously excoriate the CBC for… well, you know the usual litany of whiny, self-serving complaints that are fiercely propounded on a daily basis in every “news” outlet of the Quebecor Media conglomerate.

5 Replies to “Take Off, Eh?”

  1. Without the laugh-track….. ah fuck it….

    This was terminally not funny. Ezra himself is so full of shit… Really Red, giving Ezra a plug only encourages him…

  2. CWTF: I don’t really think of it as giving Ezra a “plug” (not that he needs one — after all, he’s got the QMI/Sun Media platform from which to annoyingly thump his tub), but more just providing Canadian content which, sadly, is incredibly difficult to come by in terms of online videos.

  3. Someone close to Levant should pull him aside and suggest he tone down the rhetoric — calling her a “political extremist” erodes his credibility and frankly makes the right appear reactionary (or reveals the right as now being reactionary?). She’s a comedian. Maybe not an entirely funny one, but that’s not the point.

    As for Levant, he’s probably guessed that he’s gonna be visited by her…

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