Rick Perry v. 2.0

You may well have seen some or all of Rick Perry’s astounding speech last Friday to a conservative “family values” group in New Hampshire in which the Texas Governor goes a bit… well, crazy. If not, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow recaps some of it here:

Unlike Maddow (and many others) who seemed to be completely baffled and/or utterly mortified by Perry’s performance, I found myself being thoroughly entertained by his comedy stylings. Not quite a “Bulworth” moment, but it was actually a refreshing change from the droning blah, blah, blah of hollow rhetoric and mind numbingly dull piffle delivered by politicians on the stump.

Will it be Perry’s fatal “Dean scream” moment as Maddow posits? I highly doubt it. In the wacky Gong Show that is the Republican primary race, this manic, goofball routine can only redound to Perry’s benefit. I just wonder if he can repeat it on a consistent basis…

3 Replies to “Rick Perry v. 2.0”

  1. I’m with you. This is just playing to the crowd, having some fun with a close-knit group. No big deal.

    The punditocracy – left and right – is so partisan in cable news that they try too hard too many times to hang someone with with rubber bands.

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