Nation Maker

Richard Gwyn talks about his new book Nation Maker, the second volume about the life and times of Sir. John A. Macdonald covering the period from Confederation until his death in 1891.

Not that they likely give much thought to the matter, but I wonder how present-day “conservatives” regard Sir. John A. as a political figure, given his views differ so radically in many respects from that of his modern counterparts. Perhaps many of them don’t even realize that their ideological sentiments with respect to economics (especially those concerning our relationship with the United States) would have been a complete anathema to the “old man”…

7 Replies to “Nation Maker”

  1. This and the first volume are just *such* great books. Really thrilled to be going through the second at the moment.

  2. Further … you’ll get no reaction to this post from CPC drones; mainly because the point you are making is so far beyond their small brain’s capacity for logical thought and introspection.

  3. Judging by the comment above Aeneas, I suppose some CPC drones will be shocked to find out that their GOP-lovin’, reactionary, neo-liberal, firebrand-populist selves are in fact NOT very conservative at all. But they are indeed on a 180 from what Tories once fought for in Ottawa.

  4. ATY/tofkw: I guess we’ll never know what they think given the commentariat of the right-wing rarely ventures outside the comfortable bubble of their own little circle-jerk cum mutual admiration society to engage in free and uncensored debate with those of differing opinions.

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