American Idol

A nine-foot statue of former President Ronald Reagan was unveiled today at the Washington-area airport named after the former General Electric pitchman and star of such film classics as Bedtime for Bonzo.

Just as with the other statues of the “great man” that have been erected since his death (e.g., in the Capitol Rotunda and more recently at the U.S. Embassy in London, England) by his adoring fans, this one too is a hideously mundane affair with no artistic merit whatsoever.

Given his penchant for imagining himself as a cowboy and his genuine love of horseback riding on his faux “ranch” in California, one might have thought something in the style of Frederic Remington to be a more appropriate way of having memorialized the now mythic deity of right-wing ideologues. Instead, what’s offered up to the airport’s beleaguered travellers is an over-sized pedestrian that’s been suddenly immobilized for some unknown reason.


5 Replies to “American Idol”

  1. A 9′ immobilized pedestrian?
    Isnt that every modern statue?
    At least he wasnt on a bucking horse with his hat in his hand waving.
    Slick willy’s should be with a cigar in his hand smiling.
    Why are there statues for modern day ex leaders anyways…its not like anyone will forget what they look like….and they arent hero’s of any kind.

  2. I’m pretty much at a loss to reference any “modern” statue of a political leader that doesn’t fall into that category. Margaret Thatcher with her handbag… good grief, how awful was that? Some of the depictions of Churchill make him seem like an ominous force of nature, but after that they’re all seriously mundane.

    I would like to have seen Reagan on a bucking horse (as I suggested, a la Remington) just for the sheer fun of it.

    But you’re right… our modern day leaders aren’t in the least bit “heroic” for the most part. And maybe that’s a good thing, but certainly not for statuary.

  3. I didnt know who Frederic Remington was and was too lazy to find out.
    If you had said Tex Ritter or Audie Murphy or Gene Autry I’d have gotten your point. We vote for them, they normally lie to us, some of them steal from us, they make millions selling books and giving lectures, then, we give them a statue with an airport named after them…seems kinda, well…dumb.

  4. (Hard not to notice the one with the horse appearing to buck the rider… the “in-term President” Remington statue, it would seem.)

    Statues of political figures are amazing. For bird crap. (Does that mean they now need to hire someone to keep him looking his best?)

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