Nation Maker

Richard Gwyn talks about his new book Nation Maker, the second volume about the life and times of Sir. John A. Macdonald covering the period from Confederation until his death in 1891.

Not that they likely give much thought to the matter, but I wonder how present-day “conservatives” regard Sir. John A. as a political figure, given his views differ so radically in many respects from that of his modern counterparts. Perhaps many of them don’t even realize that their ideological sentiments with respect to economics (especially those concerning our relationship with the United States) would have been a complete anathema to the “old man”…

Take Off, Eh?

As a Halloween treat, Ezra Levant attempts to be funny by masquerading as an obnoxious “Barge Delahunty” intruding on a Rob Ford look-alike (who knew?) in a series of increasingly awkward encounters.

I have to admit that this parody had its humorous moments, even though the premise was quickly beaten to death; although that may well have been part of the point.

Not shown in its entirety here, Levant went on from this spoof to viciously excoriate the CBC for… well, you know the usual litany of whiny, self-serving complaints that are fiercely propounded on a daily basis in every “news” outlet of the Quebecor Media conglomerate.

American Idol

A nine-foot statue of former President Ronald Reagan was unveiled today at the Washington-area airport named after the former General Electric pitchman and star of such film classics as Bedtime for Bonzo.

Just as with the other statues of the “great man” that have been erected since his death (e.g., in the Capitol Rotunda and more recently at the U.S. Embassy in London, England) by his adoring fans, this one too is a hideously mundane affair with no artistic merit whatsoever.

Given his penchant for imagining himself as a cowboy and his genuine love of horseback riding on his faux “ranch” in California, one might have thought something in the style of Frederic Remington to be a more appropriate way of having memorialized the now mythic deity of right-wing ideologues. Instead, what’s offered up to the airport’s beleaguered travellers is an over-sized pedestrian that’s been suddenly immobilized for some unknown reason.

Rick Perry v. 2.0

You may well have seen some or all of Rick Perry’s astounding speech last Friday to a conservative “family values” group in New Hampshire in which the Texas Governor goes a bit… well, crazy. If not, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow recaps some of it here:

Unlike Maddow (and many others) who seemed to be completely baffled and/or utterly mortified by Perry’s performance, I found myself being thoroughly entertained by his comedy stylings. Not quite a “Bulworth” moment, but it was actually a refreshing change from the droning blah, blah, blah of hollow rhetoric and mind numbingly dull piffle delivered by politicians on the stump.

Will it be Perry’s fatal “Dean scream” moment as Maddow posits? I highly doubt it. In the wacky Gong Show that is the Republican primary race, this manic, goofball routine can only redound to Perry’s benefit. I just wonder if he can repeat it on a consistent basis…