Not Quite “Clearing the Air”

Uh oh. The bizarre and increasingly erratic “Cain Train” to the White House has been abruptly derailed for the moment by past allegations of sexual harassment on the part of the former pizza CEO that surfaced in Politico over the weekend.

Attempting to definitively put the story to bed (so to speak), while fielding questions at the National Press Club today, the wacky book peddler and current Republican frontrunner emphatically denied that he had ever harassed the two women that purportedly received considerable financial settlements for no good reason whatsoever (and without his knowledge) from the restaurant trade group he once headed to make their “baseless” allegations go away…

Could be much ado about nothing, of course. Or, if one subscribes to the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” school of thought, perhaps something more seriously damaging may emerge. Then again, a counterintuitive line of opinion contends that once seized on with cruel relish by the mainstream media, this scandalous controversy may actually boost Cain’s profile and credibility within the Republican base for various reasons that are best described as convoluted and perverse.


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Filed under 2012 U.S. Election, Republican Party, Scandals

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