Rob F–king Ford v. Marge Delahunty

Talking to a group of reporters at his extracurricular gig as a high school football coach, Canada’s least popular mayor delivers his latest bullshit version of events concerning a recent encounter with the crew from CBC’s satirical 22 Minutes program.

Aside from Ford’s story seeming to be at complete odds with reality (e.g., it was clearly not dark outside as he originally claimed, nor did his petrified kiddywink seem to be present), more than anything this incident shows what an angry, humourless prick the guy is. I mean, seriously… what would your reaction be if unexpectedly confronted in your driveway by Marge Warrior Princess?

I really hope the tape of the 911 call will be released in due course.

Update: The right-wing perspective on this goofy incident…

Unsurprisingly, the conversation quickly turns into a whine-fest of pity for the embattled mayor who is supposedly being unfairly persecuted and ridiculed by the evil lefties.

41 Replies to “Rob F–king Ford v. Marge Delahunty”

  1. I read on the Yahoo news page, that the police cannot release the tape without Ford’s permission, yet Ford has not talked to the police about releasing the tapes, even though he claims it will prove his version of events.

  2. His eagerness to sweep this under the rug and move on indicates to me that he knows full well the 911 tape of his intemperate, profanity laced remarks would be a huge embarrassment.

  3. “Ten percent reductions, across the board? No, I didn’t say that. I. Did. Not. Say. That. OK, I did — but now you’re taking what I said out of context. I didn’t mean to include our fine emergency services… “

  4. I can’t imagine any of my kids at that age being fearful at the sight of a 60 year old woman in a ridiculous get up appearing in our driveway. Confused perhaps… but certainly not terrified.

    That Ford would use his kid as an excuse for his insane overreaction is truly pathetic.

  5. Once I had to have plastic surgery across my face for a biopsy. The surgeon stitched the wound up with big black thread (knots). It looked so forbidding, people would gasp and fall back, when I met them face-to-face in our little village. “Good Lord, what happened to you?” they’d say.

    Suddenly, it came to me: “I’ve been working for Marg, the Warrior Princess” I would reply … and everyone knew what I meant, and that it was OK to laugh. The Warrior Princess means “Laugh … everything’s OK.”

    So what’s with this mayor of Canada’s largest city who doesn’t know who Margaret Atwood is … and didn’t recognize Marg the Warrior Princess??

  6. Squeal, squeeeeaaaal, squeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalll…

    (Thanksgiving comes to Hogtown.)

  7. As I’ve noted elsewhere, I love the image of Rob Ford screaming at 911 operators about how he’s ‘entitled’ to better treatment. It contrasts so well with his campaign narrative of fighting the entitlement culture at city hall. Indeed it is the perfect image for the whole right wing obsession with that talking point.

  8. Yeah, if true, that would certainly be a contradiction from his purported stance of being the little guy (albeit a corpulent one, in this case) fighting against the entitled “fancy pants” elitists.

  9. being the little guy (albeit a corpulent one, in this case)

    I love the use of ‘corpulent’ here.

  10. As a politician from a family of politicians, Mr Ford should understand that he is going to be the subject of loads of scrutiny. His public relations people need to figure out a way to get this guy to behave in such a way that makes him less of a figure begging to be mocked. We all know calls to 911 are recorded. The alleged accounts of his calls (rather consistent across the board…) show that he holds no grace, no coping skills and a massive lack of awareness of things he and/or his staff should know about. Why hasn’t he or his staff taken the time to figure out what he needs to say to the press so that he stops looking like a bumbling idiot when responding to relevant questions?

  11. There’s a lot of good to be said about a public figure that doesn’t conform to the sterile, ultra-groomed, highly manufactured and scripted image of a “politician” we’ve all come to despise and distrust, but on the other hand, being a bumptious, arrogant jerk isn’t exactly a desirable alternative either.

  12. I had never heard of Ms Walsh before this story.
    If I was confronted by a shrieking woman wearing a red (toga?) and brandishing a (plastic) weapon, I’ definitely duck back into my house and call 911, maybe ask them to bring a straight jacket.

  13. Who wants their tax dollars (Walsh wallowed away from CBC’s 22 minutes in 2004) used by a boorish has been to advance her political agenda?

  14. The CBC now owes Ford two apologies.
    1. The ambush at his own home. This type of thing even shames the American networks.
    2. Running with hear say on a 911 call.
    The CBC’s giddiness has embarrassed this taxpayer funded “News” network. Bill Blair has you caught in a lie.

  15. “Keith Olbermann”
    The journaloser who was fired from a major network and now works for a local cable company who has roughly the same amount of viewers as 22 minutes?
    You can’t get any more desperate than that.

  16. Bocanut it seems that you are allergic to facts.

    As one commenter on the Globe and Mail has already written:
    “he was initially suspended for breach of MSNBC guidelines on political donations (he didn’t ask permission), then re-instated after a fan campaign, then they agreed to part ways shortly after that in a negotiated settlement.

    DO try to keep up. The information is easily found and readily available. You have no excuse for trying to lie. Unless you’re trying to emulate Mayor Ford of course.”

    Now, care to tell us where Beck is?

  17. “MSNBC negotiated a settlement”- OK,getting let go, without notice, two years into a 4 year contract means negotiations took place in your world.
    Sounds like MSNBC ate the two years just to get this moron off their network.

    “Statement regarding Keith Olbermann

    MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast of Countdown with Keith Olbermann will be this evening. MSNBC thanks
    Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”

    If you were remotely interested in truth then you might ask yourself who’s lying-Toronto’s police chief who’s heard the 911 tapes or or a CBC journaloser’s unverifiable accusations?

  18. Then Bocanut, if Rob “Fucking” Ford is sure to be justified and wants to clear his name, the solution is simple: release all the tapes….

    Simple,no? Or does Ford have something to hide?

  19. Either way, Ford could have taken a different direction with his response to it all as it was happening. Given the timing for him, it could have been manna from Heaven for him, politically. And he blew it. And if he is half the politician he is made out to be, he knows it. Big time. Whether or not you support the direction of his leadership, there’s no getting around that.

    Bottom line: when opportunity knocked, Ford hid behind his daughter.

  20. A simple search of Bocanut showed up a consistent allergy of facts and fashion as well as a disturbing thing for barbecues. Good luck getting a straight answer out of him CWTF

  21. “The journaloser who was fired from a major network and now works for a local cable company who has roughly the same amount of viewers as 22 minutes?
    You can’t get any more desperate than that.”

    Sadly, you can.
    His show has about 20 times the viewership of Sun, in a country with 10 times the population.
    That would make Sun about twice as desperate.

  22. <>
    You mean the daughter Ford referred to but was not seen on film as Ford claimed? And the one he said was frightened, likely from his ranting and raving at the 911 operators?

  23. Gotta love how these white, middle-aged, reactionary, neo-liberal, firebrand-populist wingnuts all stick together to protect their own. Even when it’s just a major with no sense of humour (or any clue about Canadian culture) being a douchebag.

    Proper Tories recognize Rob Ford for what he is, a loud-mouthed jackass who gives conservatives a bad name.

  24. Sorry, that should of course be “…a MAYOR with no sense of humour…”
    Good thing mistakes doesn’t matter on blog posts.

  25. Final point. This is an altogether oh so common wingnut tactic from Canada’s “nouveau-right” – as they copy their heartthrobs from the GOP. Sure, attack Keith Olbermann, thinking that’s a defense of Rob Ford’s actions and assholery towards the 911 operators. My point was that this story is now international. It was reported by several news organizations around the globe. The entire world now knows that Toronto elected a mental midget as their mayor.

  26. You truly believe that the “entire world” cares about what happens in Toronto?
    And your calling the mayor a mental midget?

  27. “And your calling the mayor a mental midget?” Bocanut…
    (So much for basic grammar, no wonder he can’t answer the most basic questions)

  28. “You truly believe that the “entire world” cares about what happens in Toronto?”

    bocanut, I can ask you that too… why do you care about the mayor of a city you don’t even live in?

  29. Whether or not you share his politics, I would question the wisdom of sticking one’s neck out in defending this escapade, given his likely near-future next embarrassment to his base and city.

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