Occupy Canada Tackles… Breakfast TV?

As part of a witless effort to “occupy the media”…a handful of OCW copycats in Toronto parade around in the drizzle with mostly unreadable signs in front of City TV’s version of “Window 7” as the station’s fluffy morning chat show gets underway…

Eventually, the hosts decamped to another part of the studio, City TV shut their blinds and had a chubby security guard politely hustle the protesters off the property. Victory!!! They “made an impact”…

True confession: I’m only posting this nonsense because the hypocritical wanker that runs “TheSecretStore” YouTube channel has blocked me from posting any comments there. Talk about ironic. This lefty truther nutbar is all about making the anti-establishment voices of the “occupier” protesters more visible, but on his own channel, he censors and blocks any critical opinion.


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