Robertson Warns GOP of “Extremism”

In a rare moment of pragmatic clarity, Pat Robertson worries that shameless pandering to the extreme right-wing base of the Republican Party will make the eventual winner of the primary race completely unelectable in the 2012 presidential contest.

It’s a well-founded concern, to be sure, but considering the source, a fairly laughable one. When Robertson says “those people in the Republican primary have got to lay off this stuff” how exactly does he propose that the hardcore base of the party sublimate their ignorant, batshit craziness for the duration of the primary campaign?


6 Replies to “Robertson Warns GOP of “Extremism””

  1. “Look guys, stop pushing them to say something. This is not about what they actually think — not before the election!”

  2. Robertson’s comments seem to reflect a deep cynicism on every level. He seems to be suggesting that if everyone just shuts the fuck up about what they “really” believe or think — both the base and the candidate — then they’ll be able to bamboozle the mainstream of voters who would otherwise be horrified by their reactionary, boneheaded opinions.

  3. (You don’t mince words, do you RT? But if the job in all this is to take farther-right positions to move the centre a bit more to the right, knowing full well you won’t actually have to act on a lot of the “batshit craziness” that is part of that process, is he perhaps worried that they are going too far for most of their own base and also that they are nonetheless creating expectations that they could never meet/ should want to meet if elected?)

  4. Yesterday’s radical Republican is today’s Republican moderate. Goldwater was called batshit crazy back in his day, and then he was transmogrified into an elder statesman of the liberal wing of the party. Reagan was the devil incarnate, and now even liberal talking heads will say the occasional nice thing about him.

    In a few years from now, the birthers and the tea partiers will become these genteel RINOs who get invited to the limousine liberal cocktail parties, like Buckley and PJ O’Rourke do.

  5. Time will tell. Or, they will make the Democrats the Party of the Sane. I guess the wild card in all of this is how the Occupy movement plays out and who is able to best use it against the other. Gotta run.

  6. Hitfan: I think your observation says more about the way the “centre” of politics in the United States has been steadily shifting to the right over the years than it does anything else.

    Regarding Goldwater, he was never regarded as “elder statesman of the liberal wing of the party” as you claim, but was appreciated with some amount of respect for his civil libertarian views on various issues (in much the same way as Ron Paul is today by many liberals who would otherwise find many of his domestic policies crazy and morally abhorrent).

    As for Reagan, the “nice things” said about him are the FACTS that the slavish hagiographers of the GOP omit to mention when worshiping at his hallowed shrine; namely, that he raised taxes umpteen times when he finally realized his trickle-down “voodoo economics” was effectively driving America into ruinous debt.

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