Gary Johnson @ OCW

Republican candidate Gary Johnson (the other libertarian in the race) talks to OCW protesters in Zuchotti Park, eventually running into Young Turks host Cenk Uygur.

Most protesters probably wouldn’t agree with Johnson’s radical prescriptions for fixing the economy (although they’d most likely appreciate his open stance on drug policy), but in the present political system they’ll never have the opportunity to determine whether they support him or not, given the massive amounts of money raised by the leading candidates in the race that will totally dominate the airwaves once things really kick into high gear.

Fun Fact: In 2010, the Conservative Party of Canada raised $17.3 million. By contrast, in that same year, the Republican Party raised just shy of $1 billion.


2 Replies to “Gary Johnson @ OCW”

  1. While I likely don’t agree with Gary Johnson, he at least does not seem batshit crazy, and for that alone he is refreshing.

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