Fact Check!

A “First Nation speaker” (not sure who) took to the stage of the Occupy Toronto event at City Hall this past weekend to spew a pantload of demonstrably false information about Benjamin Franklin that was, sadly, then dutifully resounded by the crowd through the “people’s mic”…

Like the ostentatious brandishing of Marxist signage promoting socialism at the event, this sort of angry, fact-free rubbish will serve only to strongly discourage most people from having anything whatsoever to do with the “occupy” movement in Canada.



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14 responses to “Fact Check!

  1. Tomm

    We have now arrived at the place where the mob perceives the truth to be whatever it wishes it to be.

  2. Brad Dillman (TRN)

    I think we’ve been there for a while already, Tomm.

  3. CWTF

    >>this sort of angry, fact-free rubbish will serve only to strongly discourage most people from having anything whatsoever to do with the “occupy” movement in Canada.<<
    Fact free rhetoric never stopped people from voting Harpercon…

  4. What a sorry lot … they respond like robots. Do these protestors even have a free will? It should be called “brain check” instead of mic check.

    This is a result of our educatiuon system, no wonder so many parents are home-schooling. Step one …. control the children/youth, then all else is possable … isn’t that what dictators like Hitler and others do/did?

  5. CP: This is a result of our educatiuon system

    I just love unintentional irony.

    Not that I’m a great fan of the public education system, but there’s plenty of barking mad ignorance on the home-schooling side of the fence too. The “Conservapedia” project, for example, is hilariously inaccurate and rife with misinformation.

  6. billg

    “Conservapedia”…?? Now thats funny…even for us draggers
    The only thing that video is missing is Indiana Jones swinging in and saving everyone from the High Priest before he takes a beating heart out of some poor sap’s chest.

  7. Craig Chamberlain

    Lighten up, guys, the right won’t lose its monopoly on rubbish. Just sayin’.

  8. billg

    Yes Craig, the right has a monopoly on rubbish, wait, that was pure rubbish, oh, its tied now.

  9. Craig Chamberlain

    (Yes, of course, Bill — but to be more explicit, I think it would be fair to say there is a manitude of difference between the rubbish that can be found being spouted at an Occupy protest and the rubbish that is has caused the mess from which an Occupy protest would grow, rubbish which has undermined the financial security for many. I think it’s OK to see that and still be from the right. Otherwise, we are mimicking the high teas, looking as they are for what are mostly irrelevant gotcha moments to assure themselves and their base that the Occupiers can be disregarded.

  10. billg: Neither the “left” nor the “right” has a monopoly on stupid. Dumb ideas, half-baked notions, and plain old crackpot thinking can be found throughout our polity irrespective of affiliation with one ideology or another.

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  13. I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eaiers!

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