Lifestyles of the “Job Creators”

Danish luxury retailer Aesir hopes to sell its $57,400, limited-edition 18-carat gold phones to the burgeoning market of elite “job creators” in the world.

The solid gold mobile phone doesn’t provide an email service or internet access, has no built-in camera, games or GPS navigation… but otherwise has everything today’s super-rich oligarch “job creator” could want – i.e., it’s made of solid fucking gold!!!

According to company founder Thomas Jensen, “It’s a collector’s item. People are used to collecting, say, watches, while designer phones is a practically empty niche,” the parasitic douchebag told Reuters.



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6 responses to “Lifestyles of the “Job Creators”

  1. Roland

    Well, once things progress far enough down this road, they’ll get themselves golden pistols too, like the late Gaddafi.

  2. Paul Raposo

    the parasitic douchebag told Reuters

    And that’s why I love reading your blog, RT 8^)

  3. Craig Chamberlain

    (For $57+K you get to prove you are rich enough to only need a phone, though one would want to be careful about where they show it off.)

  4. ck

    Now something else to add to the Xmas list of what one “job creator” could buy another “job creator” who already has everything. That should go well with the gold toothbrush, gold cigarrette box and lighter set (if they smoke) and gold pen & pencil set.

  5. sandyshepher511

    I love it so much, but the thing is it’s expensive for me. Probably in the future I’ll try it 😦 eventually-

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