Paxo & Moore on OCW

Jeremy Paxman talks to Michael Moore on BBC’s Newsnight program yesterday about the embryonic nature of OCW movement and whether a new form of capitalism may possibly arise from it…

It seems like an incredible stretch to imagine that anything terribly significant will materialize from this movement, although… it is quite astounding how in just a month they’ve managed to effectively shift the political frame of reference with regards to the economy, at least in the United States.

Demonizing OCW Effort Gets Derailed

Fox News butt plug Eric Bolling inveighs against OCW for being crazy, anti-American Communists and/or anti-Semitic Nazis – take your pick.

With his baseless introductory slander out of the way, Bolling then goes on to trot out a certifiable canard that federal employees make twice as much as their private-sector counterparts.

In this argument, he’s joined by Brian Darling, a senior hack from the Heritage Foundation and Texas congressman Louie Gohmert, who is arguably the dumbest man on planet Earth.

When inadvertently challenged with contradictory facts by Prof. Caroline Heldman, Bolling decides to bail out…

Lifestyles of the “Job Creators”

Danish luxury retailer Aesir hopes to sell its $57,400, limited-edition 18-carat gold phones to the burgeoning market of elite “job creators” in the world.

The solid gold mobile phone doesn’t provide an email service or internet access, has no built-in camera, games or GPS navigation… but otherwise has everything today’s super-rich oligarch “job creator” could want – i.e., it’s made of solid fucking gold!!!

According to company founder Thomas Jensen, “It’s a collector’s item. People are used to collecting, say, watches, while designer phones is a practically empty niche,” the parasitic douchebag told Reuters.