The “Job Creator” Paradox

It was announced today that Seaspan Marine Corp., has been granted a massive $8-billion contract to build navy support vessels and a dubious Arctic “slushbreaker” – terrific news for the company’s stagnant shipyards in Vancouver and Esquimalt where the local workforce is expected to double as a result (not to mention the positive knock-on effect in the respective communities).

But hang on… Government can’t actually “create” jobs! Isn’t that so? Haven’t right-wing ideologues repeatedly told us that only the “free market” is capable of generating “real” jobs? You know, like all the ones being created here.

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, another week, another silly Republican “debate” during which the would-be leaders of the free world squabbled like a fractious bunch of children scrapping over access to the school’s playground equipment.

A lot of pundits in the post-debate spin zone seemed to think this was Perry’s best outing thus far, in as much as he managed to remain awake through the course of the event, but aside from being painfully obtuse, I thought he came across as a clumsily antagonistic bully. Then again, perhaps those are regarded as desirable qualities by the base of the party, so the spinners could be right…

Kudos to the current frontrunner Herman Cain for evading serious questioning about his loopy “999” plan by confusing his rivals with the dumbest metaphor imaginable and for appealing in such a shameless fashion to Republicans’ innate loathing of the poor by reiterating with unrepentant gusto his “blame yourself” message aimed at those who’ve lost their jobs, houses, or otherwise been dispossessed by hard economic times.