Kevin O’Leary v. Chris Hedges

This is from last week, but I just ran across it tonight. Both O’Leary and Hedges play to type… with quite spectacular results.

O’Leary’s shtick as a flippant, amoral greedhead plays well on Dragons’ Den but falls utterly flat in this confrontation.

7 Replies to “Kevin O’Leary v. Chris Hedges”

  1. O’Learly is a blatant neoliberal sociopath who thinks profit is always good. I would Hedges to him anyday.

    But to be fair, Hedges wasn’t clear at all. He said corporations, not the financial sector of corporations. Perhaps O’Leary jumped and insulted him too soon, but it’s understandable considering the framing of the complaint.

  2. When I first saw that clip I thought it was something from The Onion. Guess that says a lot about the state of things, doesn’t it?

  3. Yep. Aggravated arrogance should qualify as a recognized type of brain injury.

    “Hey guys, let’s antagonize the people who keep the money flowing our way. This protest won’t go anywhere — those poor saps are too worried about keeping their good paying jobs (hang on, scratch that) and their mortgaged homes (ah, that’s all gone too).”

    So, what happens when you have a lot of people who individually and collectivity realize they have nothing really left to lose…

    (Re: The Onion, you’re always light years ahead of me, RH — which is why I come here.)

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