Kevin O’Leary v. Chris Hedges

This is from last week, but I just ran across it tonight. Both O’Leary and Hedges play to type… with quite spectacular results.

O’Leary’s shtick as a flippant, amoral greedhead plays well on Dragons’ Den but falls utterly flat in this confrontation.

Can OWS Get Traction in Canada?

Tony Keller, executive fellow at the Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto (amongst other things), advances the sensible Canadian reaction to the OWS movement, arguing that many of the reforms protesters in the United States are calling for have already been realized in this country.

I suppose one could quibble with some of the assertions made (e.g., though they didn’t need bailing out, the Canadian government did in fact backstop the banks here during the height of the crisis with significant amounts of public money and while corporations may be prevented from contributing directly to the political system, they still exert considerable influence over it through less direct but nonetheless coercive means). Still, the key points Keller makes are, it seems to me, essentially valid ones.