Occupy Winnipeg

So, hundreds of people (estimates vary wildly depending on the source) hit the streets of Winnipeg on Saturday to protest against corporate greed and a disparate range of issues including social justice, the environment, government accountability and even the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board, of all things.

According to the WFP, “participants included university students, poverty activists, labour-union supporters, aboriginal people” and others described as folks “who don’t normally march in the streets or camp out in city parks.”

Intrepid local videographer Natalie Pollack caught up with one of the protesters in front of the Manitoba legislature:

The hilarity begins at the1:40 mark when Pollack asks the young woman to describe “one thing that government could do” to address her concern that people aren’t having any voice in the system.

Priceless quote: “You have to jump through a lot of loopholes even to find a therapist, let alone getting a hold of your member of parliament.”



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12 responses to “Occupy Winnipeg

  1. Peter

    I was in awe of the speed and ease with which she spewed out that drivel. Behold the fruits of the Oprah era. I can well believe she has spent many, many hours in a therapist’s office.

  2. CWTF

    It’s quite easy to pick out some of the nuttier people from movements. They attract the most attention. In this case, the woman being interviewed, for the Conservatives that would be anyone in office…

    Your point Red?

  3. CWTF: First of all, I don’t think Ms. Pollack was out to deliberately pick off one of the “nuttier people” in the group, but was probably quite sincere in her line of questioning. From what I gather, she’s actually quite an adamant “leftie” herself…

    And yes, one person certainly isn’t representative of the whole, but can be symbolic — in this particular case, someone that is vaguely disgruntled and apparently overwhelmed by the present challenges of life, but hasn’t really made a serious effort to deal with them, let alone help effect any meaningful change.

  4. Peter: As soon as she started rambling on about a “consciousness shift within the workplace” she lost me. This inane, self-involved emotional pyschobabble is completely disconnected from reality.

  5. Cassy

    I encourage both you and the press to interview more protesters and get a broader perspective. I haven’t taken the time to look at your background, but if you have time I would suggest going down to Memorial Park for a short visit, perhaps others there can help clarify things

  6. I’m actually well aware of all their grievances — and, in fact, quite sympathetic to many of them. But I also think they are woefully simplistic and naïve. Camping out in a park for a few days/weeks (probably not much longer as it’s already getting pretty damn cold out there), beating drums and shouting slogans isn’t going to do diddly-squat to reverse the effects of globalization or the lopsided distribution of wealth, let alone address any of the profoundly troublesome economic problems in the world.

  7. Tomm

    I like the finger waving and the rote repeating of what the speaker says. That is what makes this whole thing so profound.

    To misquote Peter Seeger…

    Where did all the brain cells gone…, long time passing…

  8. “First of all, I don’t think Ms. Pollack was out to deliberately pick off one of the “nuttier people” in the group, but was probably quite sincere in her line of questioning. From what I gather, she’s actually quite an adamant “leftie” herself… ”

    She has some red Liberal activity in her past.


    But, first and foremost, she seems to be about herself & has done quite a bit of BS sensationalism with her channel. A lot of it is big-L Liberal hyper-partisanship and low-blows to the NDP at any point imaginable (she’s claimed that the Manitoba NDP did all the attacking in the 2011 Provincial election and that Hugh McFadyen was a helpless “gentleman” next to the NDP machine, yet ignores Tory attacks).

    “While McFadyen was a gentleman in refusing to respond in kind with effective viscious negative attack ads of his own, being a gentleman hardly ever wins elections in the hard hitting game of politics, which Selinger and the NDP eagerly embraced, in sneeringly mocking McFadyen for many months.” – Natalie Pollock on “How Selinger’s NDP Won 2011 Election” ( from the video description here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVPeIKbw_m0&feature=related ).

    And now for reality:

    “A big hand clasps her mouth and another holds her shoulder down. The man’s thumbnail we see has dirt under it.

    Her blue eyes aren’t so much filled with terror as with sadness — the sadness of 12 years of NDP rule in Manitoba.
    An image from the new Tory brochure.

    The Progressive Conservative mailbox stuffer is landing in homes throughout south Winnipeg as part of the party’s election pledge to clamp GPS-equipped anklets to high-risk sex offenders when they’re released from jail.” – Winnipeg Free Press


    Natalie Pollock was out cherry picking “bad behaviour” from Occupy Wallstreet people in New York *well* before her hack crew even visited the Occupy Winnipeg camp.

    And that video itself, I wouldn’t doubt, was selectively picked because on of the people involved was later arrested.

    In some of the description bars on her videos on the Occupy Winnipeg movement she even says that every woman who’s affiliated with Occupy Winnipeg is a “woman who hates other women”.

    My advice to you is stay away from “stories” Natalie Pollock “reports” like the plague. She’s nothing but a cheap opportunist and Liberal sore loser with a grudge against all things to the left of her.

    And, for the record, I’ve been to the Occupy Winnipeg camp and had quite a different experience from the apparently uniformly “evil” group of people Natalie Pollock typecasts them as.

  9. Sorry, I wasn’t thinking of that video so much as another one where Natalie Pollock interviews someone who later turns out to have done some voyeuristic offenses (a fact she repeats a lot in an attempt to tar Occupy Winnipeg as misogynists or self-hating women). The video below (read description she gives it on youtube) is the one I was thinking of, oops!

    Natalie Pollock description: “Whatever you think about the Tea Party, they certainly don’t rape each other and defecate publicly. The “Occupy” movement certainly will go down as being the most sexist anti-woman protest in history. The feminist movement wisely avoided this protest like the plague. Most of the women of the “Occupy” movements basically are women who hate other women. They would have to be, having knowledge of the rapes of their sister protesters, and covering them up on behalf of the rapists. The Occupy protesters have gained such hatred from the public, that in Winnipeg there have been 4 fires lit in an attempt to burn down the site.”

  10. I think she must have had a nasty run-in with the folks at Memorial Park because she turned on them big-time and started demonizing the whole movement in quite an irrational way… basically just parroting Fox News talking points without any qualification. It was kind of pathetic to watch, actually.

    I don’t disagree with your assessment, but would ask that you keep in mind my comments were made way back in October when the video was first posted — i.e., before she started crapping on the OCW movement.

  11. Fair enough, the OWS and police car video is from mid-Oct, though, so I think she had some bias against them *well* before they set up camp. I’ll admit, sometime during my excessive bouts of googling I forget to look at the date of blogposts. 😛

  12. She’s kind of flaky and partisan, so I’m not going to defend her or attempt to explain her biases. She has posted some vids that I’ve used on occasion to make a point… but also a great many others that are just weird and inexplicable.

    BTW, I guess they dismantled the last vestiges of the OCW encampment here in Winnipeg today. At the end of it, there were only three people remaining, so it was kind of a non-event:

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