Occupy Winnipeg

So, hundreds of people (estimates vary wildly depending on the source) hit the streets of Winnipeg on Saturday to protest against corporate greed and a disparate range of issues including social justice, the environment, government accountability and even the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board, of all things.

According to the WFP, “participants included university students, poverty activists, labour-union supporters, aboriginal people” and others described as folks “who don’t normally march in the streets or camp out in city parks.”

Intrepid local videographer Natalie Pollack caught up with one of the protesters in front of the Manitoba legislature:

The hilarity begins at the1:40 mark when Pollack asks the young woman to describe “one thing that government could do” to address her concern that people aren’t having any voice in the system.

Priceless quote: “You have to jump through a lot of loopholes even to find a therapist, let alone getting a hold of your member of parliament.”