OWS & The Tea Party

Some very sensible observations about similarities and difference between the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements from Karl Denninger, who helped form FedUpUSA (a precursor of the Tea Party) in the wake of the March 2008 Federal Reserve bail out of Bear Sterns.


4 Replies to “OWS & The Tea Party”

  1. As I commented over at Dawg’s place, I think the most telling indication of a difference between the Tea Party and the OWS movement is the treatment they received from the police. I don’t recall seeing any police action taken against the Tea Party crowds, but as soon as you actually upset people with money the police are sure to side against you.

  2. Dave: Not sure that’s the most indicative litmus test, but I get your point.

    I would posit that the attitude and reaction of the police in these kinds of situations is motivated more a mindset that’s predisposed to enforce the kind of “order” that’s legally tilted in favour of the status quo rather than any particular desire to protect the moneyed class per se.

  3. The American media simplifies issues on a left-right scale. So if a bunch of middle class Republican types protest the bailouts (the tea party), then they must be a bunch of anti-government extremists. And they get called ‘teabaggers’ by those oh-so-cool hipsters, Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher.

    OWS is a mirror reflection of the tea party, and like Pavlov’s dog, now the conservative media calls the movement dangerous and scary. All this is designed to make conservative electorate become supporters of Wall Street by default because everybody is supposed to cheer for the home team no matter what.

    The system is rotten. They are both protesting against the same thing, albeit from different political persuasions. It’s all about what the commentator in the video calls “fairness”. I think that most people subscribe to such an ethic.

    Do I think that the likes of Goldman Sachs and the banksters should be shackled, tarred and feathered and be put into chain gangs? Hell yes, I do. It’s a grave injustice that cries out to the heavens, and nobody is doing anything about it.

    Just like the tea party was galvanized into the Republican sweep of 2010, I think OWS will be cynically turned into a “re-elect Obama” movement and he’ll still keep the Goldman Sachs cronies in his cabinet after all is said and done.

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