Occupy Bay Street?

The launch of Canada’s “revolution” against the “1 percent” is planned for October 15th. Unfortunately, they can’t even seem to get the URL of the website correct… So, not off to a terribly auspicious start on the organizational front.

Unless the turnout is absolutely massive (highly unlikely) and/or the activist group(s) involved have the weather-resistant dedication to make themselves a persistent nuisance in downtown Toronto in the same kind of way that the folks currently entrenched in NYC’s “Liberty Plaza” have done, it’s hard to see what conceivable impact this protest will have.



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8 responses to “Occupy Bay Street?

  1. Roland

    I don’t expect much, esp. since the credit bubble in Canada has not yet deflated like it has in the USA and some other OECD countries.

    But I might go to the Vancouver occupation, and try to “do my bit.”

    These things are empirical. Have to try it and and find out.

  2. I used to live a few blocks away from the “parliament buildings” in Victoria, so frequently got to see demonstrations and protests about one thing or another… some quite impressively large, like the one staged by the unions shortly after Gordon Campbell first came to power. That actually turned into an “occupation” in front of the legislature with a tent city that stuck around for several weeks afterwards. Aside from eventually pissing off locals increasingly agitated about degradation of the lawn by the remaining hippies and dispossessed street people, it accomplished precisely nothing whatsoever.

  3. Rotterdam

    Apparently Hugo Chavez has taken up their cause. Accusing the US of repressing the protesters.
    I hope he offers them asylum.

  4. I wouldn’t ascribe much significance to that particular right-wing talking point.

  5. jkg

    It is particularly funny in the sense that the original idea for Occupy Wall Street originated from a known gritty social activist living in Vancouver.

  6. Yeah, I’m kind of amazed that Fox and the righties haven’t made hay of the Canadian connection of this movement to Adbusters.

  7. Red:

    The MSM -which is corporately owned and controlled – has been suppressing this developing story.

  8. Apparently there’s going to be an “Occupy Winnipeg” demonstration on the weekend and I might check it out.

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