Fair & Challenged

Fox News dispatched their fatuous cub reporter Griff Jenkins to Liberty Plaza recently to interview some of the dirty hippies and bizarre characters at the Occupy Wall Street protest, but uh-oh, he encountered this guy instead:

Unsurprisingly, Fox never aired the video as part of their comprehensive two-minute piece dealing with the economic issues driving the protest movement.

3 Replies to “Fair & Challenged”

  1. Regrettably, this fellow may soon discover his life was less… public with Fox’s decision to not air the interview. Options for Fox: continue to ignore the interview, discredit the opinion, or discredit the speaker.

  2. LOL Priceless.

    That “call & response” thing is completely insane. It just makes me cringe whenever I see it in action.

    Good demonstration of what I hate most about “democracy”.

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