Manitoba Election

Not exactly a buzz of excitement here in Winnipeg about tomorrow’s election (contrary to the Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Sun News promo).

Both the NDP and PCs have run quite nasty and thoroughly uninspiring campaigns offering slightly different flavours of “more of the same” with the usual promises to selectively cut some taxes and implement a bunch of trivial vote-getting schemes while adding more doctors, nurses and cops. As if this city needs more cops! Seriously, I have never lived in a place that was so heavily (and, evidently, quite pointlessly) policed.

The NDP will inevitably sweep the inner city and almost all of the urban ridings in Winnipeg with the PCs maybe pulling off a few tight victories in the suburbs. The one remaining Liberal enclave is unlikely to survive the night. Meanwhile, out in the smaller cities and towns across the southern half of the province, the PCs will continue to dominate the political landscape, just as the NDP do in the sparsely populated north. The interlake region is, appropriately, a toss-up.

Although the current overall poll numbers are extremely close, because of the lopsided urban-rural split, the result will most probably be another fairly comfortable NDP majority. As for voter turnout, given the choices on offer, it would be a surprise to find it anything but low.


2 Replies to “Manitoba Election”

  1. How do you feel about that likely result? The Manitoba NDP seem pretty competant, though obviously they have their problems as does any long-running government. But given that the Liberals haven’t a shot, they’re better than the PCs, I take it?

  2. Not being terribly invested in the place, I don’t really care that much, but to be honest, there’s not a lot of difference between the policies of the two main parties. It’s unfortunate that the Liberals here aren’t more of a viable factor because a third party with some creative ideas could really have made a difference.

    I think the local Dipper in my riding is a decent, energetic young guy who will represent the area well and that’s why I voted for him. Plus, he lives just a few blocks away from where I do so he knows the kind of shit that goes down here. The other two candidates don’t even live in the riding, so they were no-starters for me.

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