The Magic of Reality

Richard Dawkins talks to Thom Hartmann about his new book The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True.

The first part of the interview can be viewed here (it deals primarily with genetic matters that will be familiar to most).



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3 responses to “The Magic of Reality

  1. trainman

    Ah, yes, Dawkins is very fun to watch when no one is asking him tough questions. Watch him get spanked when the questions are coming from someone much smarter, who also happens to disagree with him:

    Dawkins vs. Lennox

  2. Spanked? I hardly think so.

  3. MD

    Dawkins is a great communicator, even when he’s not talking about the “New Atheism.” The Selfish Gene, for instance is a fantastic read. I’ve had the privilege of meeting a number of brilliant people during my academic training, but some of the most intelligent are completely incapable of communicating to a broad audience. I think people generally undervalue science because of it. A good scientist who can communicate so well to the public is a rare find.

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