Sun “News” Drinking Game

Okay, so here’s what I propose… Take a shot every time you hear execrable termagant and furious runt Kathy Shaidle casually tell a blatant LIE during this 7:00 minute interview with addlebrained guest-host Mark Bonokoski (to be fair, his cognitive lapses and frequent misstatements of fact get a pass for our purposes).

Advance Warning: Immediately surrender your car keys to a friend before attempting. Also, do not plan on operating heavy machinery, chain saws, firearms, etc. any time soon.

Challenge: Presuming you’re conscious by the end of the exercise, what was your tally of the number of Shaidle’s falsehoods?

13 Replies to “Sun “News” Drinking Game”

  1. Shaidle does not even a voice for radio….

    Mark Bonokoski is quite simply an idiot.

    These people are quite simply living in their own mental dementia…

  2. What the fuck was that lame ass “Blazing Cat Fur” logo at the end? It looks like it was done by a 6 years old discovering dancing baloney…

  3. Hey, I’m co-opting his videos, so I’ll take the 5th on that one. I could however think of more creative (and funny) ways of applying his moniker to the vids.

  4. I dunno. I doubt it. Seems most of the news outlets are quite “liberal” in terms of enforcing their copyright. Where you seem far more likely to run into problems in this regard is with the entertainment divisions that want to protect their artistic creation (and profits).

  5. Who cares what SUN TV thinks, I’m sure the four people watching were outraged and agreeing with Bonokoski like trained seals.

  6. Perhaps. But here are the facts:

    In August 2011, Qubecor Media Inc. stated that on August 12, they had higher viewership than CTV News Channel for the time period of 3:00pm to 10:00pm and higher than CBC News Network in the time slot of 3:00pm-5:00pm.

  7. I actually looked up those viewer figures, Red, and it turns out that immediately the next day, Sun’s viewership fell by half and fell behind their competitors. On that cathartic day, which was seized upon by every Conservative as some sort of shimmering chalice, one of the other networks was running a repeat. What spurned the viewership on that singular day is anyone’s guess.

  8. Well Red, I think we could try that drinking game with any SunTV segment and would be pretty much hammered after a few minutes.

    The amount of lies and factual errors is quite staggering. No wonder SunTv viewers (or Conservatives) are complete idiots.

  9. I’m not defending their numbers so much as suggesting that there’s a viewership that shouldn’t just be dismissed as being completely irrelevant.

    Besides, the numbers are screwy because if that channel was broadcast as part of the basic cable package in all markets the way that the offerings of CBC/CTV are they’d likely be much different. Even here in Winnipeg you have to go all the way up to channel 177 to get Sun News. Most times, I’m too lazy to plunk in that extra digit.

    And yes, if we did play the proposed drinking game we would indeed be plastered in no time at all.

  10. I’m not so sure that the actual real/reality-based numbers even matter.

    After all, even at his peak Glen Beck barely beat ‘As The World Turns’ for eyeballs when the decision was made to cancel the latter due unacceptably low viewership not long ago.

    Instead, it’s all about pushing as far out to the margin as possible and then slinging 5-10% of the extremist, often demonstrably false, codswallop back into the (slightly?) more mainstream media wurlitzer so that it can be flung out of the respectable middle that has suddenly shifted over almost imperceptibly, but measurably towards that extreme margin.

    And if you can do that every day of the week for four or five years….


  11. In terms of raw numbers, the viewership of any cable program will always be well below that of the broadcast/mainstream media. Even the most mediocre entertainment program on any broadcast channel pulls more viewers than does the highest rated news show on cable. The O’Reilly Factor, for example, gets about 2 million viewers at its peak. On NBC, this would get you a pink slip.

    So we’re talking about shares of a relatively small subset of all viewers here. I believe what makes them an important demographic however is that; a) these people tend to be more politically active or engaged in the process; and b) they have the ability to influence others by being “better informed” than the folks who prefer to tune into “American Idol” or whatever other crap show may be running in prime time.

  12. Sun news is a disgrace.if they got common carrier, we will cancel our cable. We are not alone.

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