Dreaming of Recession

Well, here’s something rather unusual… Appearing earlier today on BBC, Alessio Rastani, an independent stock trader, confessed to a stunned interviewer that, like most of his colleagues on Wall Street (or in the City of London), they “don’t really care that much” how world leaders claim they’re going to fix the economy as their job is simply to make money from the situation. Quite to the contrary, Rastani admitted that he’d been dreaming of a market collapse for three years. “I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession,” he said.

As if that bit of candour wasn’t sufficiently amazing, Rastani went on to claim that Goldman Sachs rules the world not governments and that Goldman Sachs “don’t care about this rescue package” (i.e., the proposed plan to leverage the EU’s €440bn bail-out fund to €2 trillion to cope with the impending debt crisis in Italy and Spain) because they know “the market is toast… the stock market is finished.”

Rastani dryly concluded by warning viewers to act quickly because “In less than twelve months, my prediction is, the savings of millions of people are going to vanish.”

Update: Is Rastani a fake or a legitimate asshole? Debate and links about this in the comments.

Pigs & Sheep

To mark today’s re-issue of Pink Floyd’s catalog (apparently following a complex legal argument over distribution rights), EMI Music reconstructed the iconic cover of the band’s 1977 “Animals”album with an inflatable pig floating over Battersea Power Station…

Personally, I think it would have been far more germane to have it floating over the City of London, perhaps counterpoised against the “Gherkin”… No time for that Photoshopping unfortunately; but more fun nonetheless… here’s “Sheep” wickedly set to a montage of clips from various dystopian sci-fi movies…

The transcript starting at 6:30 in is most notably excellent.