Calling Out Libertarians (Part II)

Sam Seder rebuts various comments from libertarians on his Majority Report YouTube channel concerning alleged hypocrisy vis-à-vis libertarian principles in connection with the death of Ron Paul’s former campaign manager.

Regular commentators (you know who you are!) have probably exhausted the subject already in a previous post the other day, so here is the most highly rated comment on this particular video:

Libertarians are pretentious “social liberals,” that is conservatives without a conventional moral compass, and most Ron Paul nuts, particularly the online ones, are angry, young conspiracy theorists (9/11 “truth’ers) who think the “Illuminati” (Jews) is secretly tugging the strings of a “puppet govt.” to achieve “global enslavement” or “martial law” or some weird crap. Go to Alex Jones’ websites and notice the “Ron Paul 2012” endorsements. They’re worse than conservatives, honestly.

Quite aside from the fundamental objections to the libertarian philosophy that I have, the foregoing neatly expresses my increasingly exasperated frustration with Ron Paul supporters that I encounter all over the web, a good many of whom appear to be certifiably nuts.


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