Negative Ad Time

Manitoba is one of the five provinces having elections this fall, so along with many other folks across the country, we here in “The Keystone Province” (yes, that’s actually its official nickname – bet you didn’t know that!), are being subjected to the obligatory barrage of negative political advertising from the various parties. Or so I’ve heard. Not owning a TV, I mercifully avoid most commercial ads, but morbid curiosity still compelled me to check out some of them.

Here’s one from the PCs featuring several “ordinary citizens” complaining about various perceived failings of the current NDP government:

I’ll reserve my impressions of it for the time being, but I’m curious if any readers/viewers want to share their thoughts. Or if you don’t want to go to the trouble of doing that, you can just cast a vote:



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One response to “Negative Ad Time

  1. Nor Siwell

    Hello, get ready for the most negative reelection campaign ever run by the incumbent democrap obama clan, regime. Obama cannot win on actual performance, he can and will try to manipulate but be advised axel rod it is broken. The legal American people will not be conned to agree with things like allowing illegal people to vote, hell no. The American people will not be titillated by words, we are aware of the real agenda behind the Chicago gangster type run left wing extremists, don’t be fooled again as we can’t endure 4 more years of this czar run government. I have reviewed all potential candidates and have to support the one who fits the common sense mold it would be Newt gingrich. I have voted democrat in every election except for the last 2 national elections. The last election I could really see a socialism/communistic approach to the platform and proof with the added czar, desensitized wording actions that support my suspicions of this clan in office. Be wise, be sober be vigilant as they seek to devour your freedoms of choice, the recent light bulb agreement to stay with the American inventor Edison’ s bulb. Dem’s crumbled gave it up. Obama’s wife behind the BS school lunch non sense. I don’t want these telling me when where who how or what I can do.

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