Don’t Look “Suspicious” While Shopping!

PBS Newshour looks at the post 9/11 counter-terrorism efforts of businesses like Mall of America that are now constantly on the look out for “suspicious persons”…

Pretty scary thought that while innocently shopping, you could be buttonholed by a bunch of idiotic mall cops, interrogated for the better part of an hour and potentially wind up having your name entered into a police database as a “suspicious person” for no legitimate reason whatsoever.

And who knows what the ramifications that might be in terms of the information subsequently being passed on from there to other government agencies? Heck, you might even end up on the FBI’s dreaded “No Fly List” that is currently estimated to contain over one million names (i.e., 1 in every 300 people in America).

Sick, of course… but also funny as hell.

I’m sure a “liberalzombiesmustdie” version would be just as amusing; most certainly to those who despise liberals. Also not hard to imagine the stereotypes and cast of undead characters that would be involved…

Update: Speaking of which, Keith Olbermann didn’t find the game funny in the least, awarding it a “Worst Persons in the World” nomination last night and calling for a boycott of Starvingeyes Advergaming, the company promoting it.