Wingnut Hypocrisy: Part CLXXXIX

Pat Robertson, a former presidential candidate who never served as a mayor or governor, now says that only big city mayors and governors are qualified to be president.

The assertion is rottenly specious on its face – obviously serving just to trash the legitimacy of President Obama while implicitly boosting the supposedly essential qualifications of the two current Republican frontrunners – but it’s perhaps worth noting that Abraham Lincoln (and for that matter, most presidents over the course of American history) also never served as a mayor or governor.


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2 responses to “Wingnut Hypocrisy: Part CLXXXIX

  1. Typical Tea Party thing to do. I hate that the man claims to represent the same faith as me.

  2. Robertson is especially egregious because he’s so overtly political. I’m always surprised that this sort of thing isn’t challenged as a violation of the tax exemption granted to religious “non-profits” (which is a complete misnomer if ever there was one in the case of religious outfits) under Section 501(c)(3).

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