Harper’s Summer Job

Turns out the Prime Minister is a fan of the ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ period detective show and recently made a cameo appearance on it in the role of a police constable named Armstrong (cute touch there).

Curious. I wonder why he doesn’t adopt the hairstyle he’s sporting on set as it’s an enormous improvement over the usual impervious helmet head coiffure he dons in real life…

Such are the inane speculations we’re left with during the summer here in Canada where, unlike our counterparts south of the border, for as long as the weather is warm, politics ceases to have any relevant significance whatsoever. Parliament recesses for several months and even our political yak-shows on TV simply fold up their tents and completely disappear from the airwaves. It’s a uniquely Canadian phenomenon that has always astounded me.



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10 responses to “Harper’s Summer Job

  1. It was a good move for Harper. I like it when a PM seems like a regular guy. I also agree about the hair.

  2. CWTF

    “cause regular guys always get cameo on TV shows?

  3. Paul Raposo

    Imagine the howls of derision from the right, if Iggy had done this.

  4. No, because regular people want to be on TV, they have favorite TV shows, they have kids who want to be on TV sets and they’ll do things to make their kids happy.

    I don’t like Stephen Harper’s ideology, I think he does dishonest things like lying about prorogation, but he at least does things that make him appear like a regular guy. Ignatieff would never have done this. He would have stuck to political talk shows at most, and perhaps one or two heritage shows to talk about his family’s connection to the czar.

  5. D.I.D.

    The longer Parliament is out of session, the longer the government can act more or less unaccountable.

    The media should be paying very close attention during this time, but it seems that both the media and the apathetic lathargic Canadian public just care more about bread and circuses than they do about decisions that actually can and do affect them.

    Nero’s a fiddling again….

  6. JKG

    An episode involving Laurier? Given the SunTv news’ slobbering over their revised conception of Laurier into some neoliberal torchbearer, I cannot help to note the serendipity in this. Though having Mr. Harper on this episode, I was really thinking Murdoch was on the search for the missing competent cabinet.

  7. Tomm

    So Harper was a constable named Armstrong who made a quip about infighting in Ottawa (hockey) and didn’t know what the PM of the day looked like. Great spot for him. I too liked his hair. The guy has a strange sense of timing. But it is working for him.

    If I may, Ignatieff would have appeared as a brainy and somewhat mysterious visiting detective. Layton as a local informant turned suspect.


  8. The fact nobody is paying attention also means it’s time to let Rob Anders out of his cage. Behold the awesomeness of Anders:

  9. benalbanach

    Murdoch for Prime Minister !

  10. trainman

    “Imagine the howls of derision from the right, if Iggy had done this.”

    Not sure where you get that idea. Paul Martin and Iggy have both appeared on many different TV shows throughout the years and there was never any “howls” from the right. Quit trying to play the martyr card, and get used to the idea of a comfortable, respected, conservative majority prime minister who is nothing like the agenda hiding, right-wing extremist that the left-wing-nuts tried to warn us about all these years past–i.e. get a grip on reality.

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