Democracy in America

Another day, another nadir of utter stupidity…

“This is what democracy looks like,” the dancing assclowns shouted in defense of their right to behave like jackals at public memorial sites.

Meanwhile, their country is in a total shambles… $15 trillion in debt, 3 “official” wars (several other undeclared ones) are ongoing, 14 million are unemployed, 45 million people are on food stamps (about the same number without any health insurance), 1 in 7 children are homeless, and America boasts the most fantastic income disparity in entire world…

Nice to see that these “democracy” activists have their priorities straight.

14 Replies to “Democracy in America”

  1. “This is what democracy looks like”, eh?

    Democracy appears to look like the act of folding like a cheap suit as soon as the mall cops arrive. Freedom Riders they are not.

  2. The ironic thing is that I’m certain Jefferson would have been appalled by this vapid “flash mob” and the misdirection of individual rights and freedom expressed in his name.

  3. As far as FlashMobs go, this is one of the least inspiring I have seen.

    Oh, well. At least they are not out swooning over someone like Palin.

  4. If they had “flash mobbed” the Federal Reserve or the Stock Exchange, I might have been more impressed.

    As it is, they just seem to be a bunch of spoiled little wankers engaged in the most trivial kind of protest imaginable.

  5. “Meanwhile, their country is in a total shambles… ”


    But, lucky for us, we have Obama on the case, leading from behind.

    And smugifying the smug.

  6. “lucky for us, we have Obama on the case, leading from behind.”

    This is what I find interesting about the US system as compared to the Parliamentary system. In Canada we have a PM whose comportment can be compared directly to that of the Leader of the Opposition across the aisle; political rhetoric therefore tends to be moderated in that the people uttering it are actually in some danger of having to live up their words. I think this has a calming effect on political discourse overall, though not without exceptions. In the US, as there is no opposite number to the President, so until they are actually declared candidates for office his critics in and out of politics can measure him against whatever imaginary and shifting rhetorical standard suits them at that moment: there’s no consequences for a Boehner or Rand to second guess the executive on the decisions he makes and how he makes them, so no need for restraint or coherence. (Nomennovum’s comment is, obviously, a pretty mild example as these things go, but its particular form of emptiness jumped out at me).

  7. Nomennovum’s comment is…a pretty mild example…but its particular form of emptiness jumped out at me.

    Yes, Nomen’s vacuity is surprisingly dynamic. Had it any dignity, it would approach Zen.

  8. Then here it is Zenified.

    Part I:

    Barack, suit empty,
    Ever pontificating.
    Economy tanks.

    Part II:

    Smug bastards rejoice
    In a Schadenfreude orgy.
    Instant Karma waits.

    Part III:

    Hot dog, wiener — Frank:
    “Dynamic vacuity.”
    Jesus, what a dick.

  9. Hot dog, wiener — Frank:
    “Dynamic vacuity.”
    Jesus, what a dick.

    I think it’s wonderful that we’re providing a supportive and non-threatening way for Nomen to work through the phallic obsessions that must be so troubling and confusing for him.

  10. I wouldn’t say “supportive,” Frank. “Non-threatening”? Depends on what you mean by that. Usually, I suppose … and for that, I should thank you all!

  11. Talk about karma… even Mr. Newname’s auto-generated avatar here is a phallic symbol.

  12. “This is what democracy looks like.” — How, exactly? Is dancing badly in public, undoubtedly one of our most cherished expressions of self government, now under attack?

    Next stop: Irrelevance, U.S.A.

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