The World According to Palin

Everything you need to know about the outrageous fakery and stunning ignorance of Sarah Palin is neatly summarized in her version of Paul Revere’s so-called “Midnight Ride” delivered on her ludicrous self-promotional bus tour the other day…

“He who warned, uh, the the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringin’ those bells and, um, by makin’ sure that as he’s ridin’ his horse through town to send those warnin’ shots and bells that, uh, we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free and we were gonna be armed.”

Which begs the question, raised here by Thomas Roberts filling in on The Last Word program: why would anyone in their right mind trust Palin’s interpretation about anything (potential effects of not raising the U.S. debt ceiling, in this example) given her obvious lack of elementary knowledge about even the most basic facts?

Sadly, the answer is simple. She appeals directly to the countless millions of Americans that are every bit as woefully ignorant and catastrophically dumb as she is.

20 Replies to “The World According to Palin”

  1. If we ever needed an example of Sarah Palin making it up as she goes along, this video clip is it!!!

  2. Meh. For sheer barking idiocy, I prefer Bachmann’s vision of colonial America as a multicultural paradise of racial and ethnic tolerance.

    There’s just no excuse, no excuse whatsoever, for Random House’s failure to offer Palin and Bachmann a massive advance for a co-authored volume of American history, a guaranteed bestseller and instant classic of Anglo-American literary humour.

  3. They hate her, they despise her, they are frustrated that they haven’t destroyed her. They can’t believe she’s still smiling. They can’t believe she’s still drawing crowds. They can’t believe that she’s enjoying life. They can’t believe her family is still together. They can’t believe her husband hasn’t walked out on her. They can’t believe any of this. Folks, you know this as well as I do: When they set out to destroy you, they mean just that — and Palin’s not playing along with the script. She’s not acting destroyed. She’s not asking for forgiveness. She’s not begging them to leave her alone. She’s not changing in order to make them lighten up or anything. She’s just looking at ’em and smiling.

    Talk show host Rush Limbaugh

  4. Rotterdam: It is amazing how Palin continues to defy gravity, but then, you know… like evolution, that’s just another silly “theory”…

    If anything, the confounding phenomenon that is Palin is a damning indictment of how absurd and largely irrelevant the “lamestream media” has become. How anyone as wickedly stupid and poorly informed as Palin clearly is, continues to draw rapt attention shouldn’t really be surprising considering that in the world of 24/7 cable “news” Palin provides endless “infotainment” fodder.

    Little wonder that she met up with Donald Trump, who likewise is an ignorant, deeply cynical buffoon… but also one who knows how to titillate the media and exploit it to his personal advantage by playing to the most base and crass instincts of their audience.

  5. SF: Now there’s an amusing thought. Kind of like “1066 And All That” but without the intentional humour.

    It would only be fun however if the Random House editors and their pesky “fact checkers” vowed not to be involved in the process. Therefore, I would suggest Regnery Publishing as the appropriate venue for the Palin-Bachmann version of American History.

  6. TTT – aside from obviously interjecting some self-deprecating humour here, there is of course a vast difference between someone following the neoliberal, Yankee-bred, GOP version of conservatism (vs. traditional Anglo-Canadian Toryism); and being a babbling, populist, nothing-but-talking-points of an idiot like Palin.

    Rotterdam – even the Republican establishment is deeply frustrated with Palin, and for good reason. Her running as the GOP nominated presidential candidate is Obama’s ticket to a huge re-election win in 2012. The GOP has created a sizable class of tea-bagging zombies who hold Palin as their darling, and they are now largely uncontrollable.

  7. Rotterdam:

    They can’t believe she’s still smiling.
    Untrue. She’s a moron who is completely ignorant of her stupidity. Ignorance – particularly of your own shortcomings – is bliss. Contrary to Limbaugh’s belief, I think she’ll wear that smug smile of deluded self-assurance forever. Stupid is who she is. She’s proud of it.

    They can’t believe she’s still drawing crowds
    Again, this doesn’t surprise me. There is always a segment of the population that is also proud of their stupidity, or possessed of deluded self-assurance. In a country of 300M this will be a sizeable crowd.

    They can’t believe she’s enjoying life.
    See above. Ignorance is bliss. Besides her raison d’etre is to acquire money for herself, and in this endeavour (unlike garnering intellectual respect or even representing history truthfully) she has been very sucessful. All that money would make any shallow, uninterested idiot smile.

    They can’t believe her family is still together.
    Why would her husband or children be expected to be any less ridiculous than her?

    They can’t believe her husband hasn’t walked out on her.
    Why would he walk out? What are his prospects if he did? And why would you think he had any more integrity than his wife? The fact that he hasn’t walked out doesn’t look good on her, it looks bad on him.

    She’s just looking at them and smiling.
    Exactly. Like an idiot would.

    As usual with conservatives like Limbaugh, when they opine on the motivations of the left, it says more about how they view liberals than how liberals view them. As a general rule, their assessment of left-wing psychology exemplifies projection. If you want to know what right-wingers think when they are driven mad by a popular liberal, you need look no further than Rush’s comments. The dittoheads all believe him because they lack the imagination to conceive of a different way of perceiving the world.

  8. What in God’s name was she saying, and how was it possible for the news anchor to figure it out well enough to correct her? The horror of it is that there are plenty of people who really do like her! Moody’s (or was it Standard and Poors? – not that it really mattera) just put out a warning that if the US refused to raise the debt limit, they would be in danger of defaulting on their debt payments…. somewhat as I am myself, when my creditors refuse to lend me more money to pay them with. Anywayz, it’s comforting – to some folks – that Sarah knows better than Moody’s.

    Meanwhile, nothing makes any sense to me any more. Please stop writing these tempting posts, RT, so I can concentrate on the Canucks and forget about reality for a while!!

  9. Or maybe, that she didn’t really know her history and her rather haphazard description of that event was rather inaccurate and that only a portion of her claim of warning the British just coincidentally is under major debate amongst historians. You know, sort of like peeing in a bucket and saying you were actually intending to invent ammonia.

  10. Jeepers, I just read ‘a href=”>the “real” story and I can see where Miss Sarah might have gotten her “facts” from. Not that I have any idea, even so, what she was getting at.

  11. Not that I have any idea, even so, what she was getting at.

    The neoconservative vanguard is simply just trying to take an obscure piece of history and playing a semantics game. They are riding high on their tardigrade, Breitbart for being right for once. They are scouring for a few history professors who say “Palin was correct,” which speaks more to the standards of those ‘history’ professors when it comes to historical accuracy. It would be like me saying that we should all be thankful to Lord Aberdeen who stood up to the power hungry Sir Charles Tupper and told Sir Charles that he was not gonna stand for his abuse of Parliament by not letting those senators in, or that the Red Army helped create the turning point of the second world war cuz they did not let Moscow get taken. If I submitted that thesis for an essay to a history professor, I doubt I would be marked favourably.

  12. she’s defending her revision, although she’s since revised it. she’s also blaming her blunder on the liberal media; they hit her with a “gotcha-type question”, they bastards.

    no, i swear to fucking god: “gotcha-type question.”


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