Bright, Shiny Objects

CNN unwittingly demonstrates with this sorry spectacle why so many people have come to thoroughly despise the mainstream media.

By the way, if you want to read an interesting article on this subject, let me recommend an excellent piece that James Fallows wrote in The Atlantic a number of years ago.

Plot Thickening Update:

“When I see clips like this, I just want to give up.” – Chris Hayes




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3 responses to “Bright, Shiny Objects

  1. Nomennovum

    Weinergate, where the jokes just write themselves.

    You gotta admit, though, even a skeptic must now be beginning to believe in karma. Mr. Eponymous is getting just what he deserves.

    Others, like the good folks at the reality-based community of the Daily Kos, believe this is all a set-up by the right-wingers. The Kossacks are busily “investigating” those who they think will most benefit from the political debacle affecting this hard lefty, such as Andrew Breitbart. In legal terms, this is called “cui boner.”

  2. Rotterdam

    So MSNBC wants to go after Breitbart, the messenger, for Weiners lewd behaviour.
    Why be surprised, this network thinks Romney’s un buttoned shirt is a issue.

  3. Rotterdam

    If Brietbart never released the pictures today, he would have continued to be smeared by Rep. Weiner, and backed up by MSNBC.

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