Palin Supports Apple Pie!

Faux biker chick Sarah Palin and the First Dude at the “Rolling Thunder” event today. Good grief. What a circus.

As a prelude to her self-enrichment and publicity enhancement bus tour (the ostensible purpose being to “educate” the rubes of the eastern seaboard about American history) the squalid, money-grubbing Palin brood pandered to thousands of veterans that, inexplicably, parade around Washington every Memorial Day on loud, gaudy motorcycles in support of fellow soldiers they believe are still lost and unaccounted for in utterly pointless wars on the far side of the world.



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2 responses to “Palin Supports Apple Pie!

  1. MoS

    She “loves the smell of those emissions.” So that’s what happened to her brain. I thought she’d been snorting paint fumes. This is my 45th year as an active motorcyclist and I can assure you there is nothing more pointless, boring and antithetical to motorcycling as one of these gatherings. It’s a curious way to flaunt your individualism – wearing the same costumes and facial hair, riding identical motorcycles and crawling along with a hundred thousand of the very same.

  2. That was a money quote, wasn’t it? Huffing exhaust fumes would explain a lot about Palin.

    As for the bikers, I can’t help but think their efforts would be better served helping the thousands of their fellow vets that are destitute wrecks living under bridges in their own cities rather than making a lot of noise and disrupting traffic for days to “raise awareness” about phantom POWs.

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