Sarah Palin’s “Look at Me!” Tour

This weekend launches Sarah Palin’s “One Nation Bus Tour” which is causing some to question her reasons for this bizarre excursion.

Palin’s PAC is withholding details about the stunt, save to say that the bus tour will start in Washington on Memorial Day (crashing the “Rolling Thunder” event, apparently) and then make its way through New England to “educate and energize Americans about our nation’s founding principles.”

8 Replies to “Sarah Palin’s “Look at Me!” Tour”

  1. …“educate and energize Americans about our nation’s founding principles.”

    And which principles are those, love? The right to own black folk, or the right to be protected from the French and Natives by British troops without having to pay for them? Christ, but she’s an indomitable dimwit.

    Funny how a right-wing banshee announces a plan to “educate” her fellow Americans and gets away with it. Just imagine what Fox buffoons would have made of a Kerry or Obama project to “educate” Americans.

  2. I heard somewhere that she’s on this magical mystery tour to gauge how much or how little support she’d have if she were to run for the Republican presidential candidate.

  3. I forced myself to listen to Rush Limbaugh explain why Palin is the right person to lead the Repubs to the Promised Land. OK, the video was 14 minutes, and I could only spare 3, but what I heard was that she is rattling the Repub establishment, standing people on their heads, acting like a renegade…. Like, OK, I can agree with that, but what are her qualifications for becoming leader of the G8 and every other international body? Half a term as mayor of Wasilla, half a term as governor of Alaska… did she even finish college? As far as I can tell, the only thing she hasn’t quit is her marriage.

  4. SF: Good point. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it is fairly presumptuous to launch a tour with the stated purpose being to “educate” the proles. The right-wing would have had a field day with such elitist pretension had the project been undertaken by anyone from the left.

  5. Penny: The only thing she can’t seem to quit is her own personal ambition and relentless desire to enrich herself.

  6. The fun part about this is not Palin herself, who’s knee-jerk politics I find tedious, but in people’s overheated reaction to her, all of out proportion to the woman or her politics.

    The Huffington Post runs almost daily articles on Palin, knowing that it gives its readers a shot of adrenaline.

  7. A lot of evangelical “Christians” believe that the Founding Fathers were 21st Century evangelical so-called Christians too. So perhaps what Sarah plans to do is to sell salvation to the low-life, hell-bent unwashed who aren’t familiar with her version of history. God help us all; Jesus must be rolling around in His grave….

  8. If I’m not mistaken Jesus managed to escape His grave and has spent thousands of years since then doing… stuff. You know, in Heaven. Important work, no doubt. But it’s all classified.

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