Sarah Palin’s “Look at Me!” Tour

This weekend launches Sarah Palin’s “One Nation Bus Tour” which is causing some to question her reasons for this bizarre excursion.

Palin’s PAC is withholding details about the stunt, save to say that the bus tour will start in Washington on Memorial Day (crashing the “Rolling Thunder” event, apparently) and then make its way through New England to “educate and energize Americans about our nation’s founding principles.”

The Right Man for the Job

Rex Murphy asks what sort of person would volunteer to lead the Liberal Party in its current state of wreckage.

It’s a rather thankless job by anyone’s reckoning, but in selecting Rae, the Liberals have, I believe, at least got the person with the right mix of experience, temperament and, as Rex puts it, “generosity of spirit” to tackle the considerable challenges facing the LPC as it strives to rebuild itself and become a relevant alternative to the Conservatives and NPD.