Pettifogging Twats

Michael Coren and Sun TV host Theo Caldwell plumb phenomenal new depths of extreme pettiness to relentlessly savage Barack Obama.

In Wingnuttia, no perceived or imagined slight, no absurdly trivial misstep of protocol it seems can be considered otherwise than as revelatory of the deep character flaws and shortcomings of this uppity radical heathen.



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7 responses to “Pettifogging Twats

  1. Paul Raposo

    When is Coren going to give back the millions he helped that used car company steal from Canadians? I remember the commercials–Coren told us we could trust them, because they were a “good, Christian company”.

    The idea that Coren–who receieved free cars for being their spokesperson, would feign moral outrage at anyone is patently absurd.

    And he’s a fat, ugly fuck to boot.

  2. Yawn. Reminds of Wafergate.

  3. CWTF

    I’ve noticed that Theo Caldwell keeps on introducing his guests with childish nicknames… Reminds you of a really bad frat house…

  4. kitt

    Guess that’s why the Queen thanked him for his kind words ;p

  5. trainman

    Give your heads a shake. We’ve seen far worse from you and your gang, Martin, as you blew past the “depths of extreme pettiness in relentlessly savaging” George W. Bush.

    Your response to the shoe being on the other foot is absolutely laughable!

  6. Well, I can’t speak for my “gang” but I usually tried to refrain from pointing out Bush’s egregious gaffes, comical faux pas, and “putting food on our families” verbal fumbles, so that’s a little unfair.

    But yes, there was a lot of mean-spirited commentary about Bush during his time in office.

    To be honest, it’s not so much laughing at a faux pas, which seems like fair game, as the wild extrapolation that goes on afterwards as to its supposed significance that I find offensive.

  7. lenny

    Poor Bush. The cruelty he suffered was so petty.

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