Obama @ AIPAC

For the benefit of historical ignoramuses and other folks in Wingnuttia that went completely apeshit in reaction to his speech about the Middle East earlier this week, President Obama attempts to explain – v e r y
s l o w l y – what he had actually said.

The American negotiating position that Obama articulated in his speech on Thursday was in no significant way different from that of previous administrations, so I’ll leave it to readers to smartly deduce what might conceivably have provoked such a viciously hostile reaction.


2 Replies to “Obama @ AIPAC”

  1. Actually it was the first time (earlier this week) that a US President spoke of ’67 borders as the starting point of negotiations. He today corrected that.

    Mistake by Obama earlier in the week (the great communicator failed) has been quickly and adeptly clarified.

  2. Um, no. This has been the essential negotiating position of the U.S. government dating back to the 90s. And he didn’t “correct” that, but only reiterated it with some explanatory notes for the ill-informed.

    But of course the Obama-haters will continue to lie and distort absolutely anything he says or does because automatic gainsaying is the name of their game.

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