Interim Rae Days

I’ve never quite understood the vehement antipathy directed towards Bob Rae. Witness for example, this nasty hatchet job from a rabid Harper zealot that summarizes a bunch of grubby personal attacks – compiled, ironically, by an embittered far left activist that the author of the post wouldn’t otherwise give the slightest bit of credence to.

Hey, I could be naïve, but Bob Rae always struck me as a fairly decent, stand-up kind of guy… so I just don’t understand all the hateful vitriol and libelous smears directed towards him.

Rae certainly has a lot of commendable attributes that would serve the party well, both as an effective public face on parliament hill, and more important, behind the scenes helping to rebuild its infrastructure. So what’s not to like?

And if it’s decided that Marc Garneau is to be the interim leader, well that also would be quite fine as far as I’m concerned. I think it’s great that the Liberals have two very capable individuals willing to steer the ship and help get things sorted out for a relaunch at some later date.

Obama @ AIPAC

For the benefit of historical ignoramuses and other folks in Wingnuttia that went completely apeshit in reaction to his speech about the Middle East earlier this week, President Obama attempts to explain – v e r y
s l o w l y – what he had actually said.

The American negotiating position that Obama articulated in his speech on Thursday was in no significant way different from that of previous administrations, so I’ll leave it to readers to smartly deduce what might conceivably have provoked such a viciously hostile reaction.