There But For the Grace of God…

In the few hours remaining until the Rapture, here’s a fairly thoughtful reflection on the apocalyptic doomsayers and, seeing as their predictions NEVER come true, how they typically deal with the psychological phenomenon of “cognitive dissonance” that must inevitably arise when their belief is demonstrably proven to have been incorrect.

The narrator of the video suggests that rather than just mocking the doomsayers, everyone might better use this silliness about Judgement Day as an opportunity to look for similar examples of “cognitive dissonance” in our own lives…

That advice goes double for politicians – many of who cling to ideological beliefs that are proven failures and yet, for whatever reason, rather than change their minds, instead simply double-down on their erroneous notions or fabricate elaborate justifications to dispel the irreconcilable contradictions with reality.



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6 responses to “There But For the Grace of God…

  1. Clown Party

    I think there is no differance between this and the “Dooms Day” of Global Warming/Climate Change. I like the referance to Global Warming. Vert good post.

  2. Well, I think there’s a qualitative difference in the case of “Science v. Batshit Crazy Religious Nonsense.” If you can’t differentiate between the two things, then I really wish that you had been raptured up to meet your maker.

  3. philosoraptor

    I think there’s a qualitative difference in the case of “Science v. Batshit Crazy Religious Nonsense.”

    Don’t go so easy on the equivocation, or the dimwits that peddle it. There are immense qualitative AND quantitative differences between the two. The qualitative differences are easy to see given the very obvious religion vs. science implications. On the quantitative side, we could start by pointing out that the nutbars are describing instant armageddon in one day at 6pm, whereas the climate scientists are talking about something we MIGHT effectively do something about over the next century if we just stopped listening to misinformed, scientific illiterates like CP and their oil and gas propagandists.

  4. Quite so. It was a pretty flippant observation and, to be honest, I didn’t give it much thought, but then I noted the parallel being drawn in another comment on a different post.

    To equate “Climate Change” with “Judgement Day” and conclude they are both scams of a like-minded nature — as some wingers seem to be doing — is completely absurd.

  5. Tomm


    Great video. Another piece of mind candy being shared with your loyal readers.

  6. Okhropir Rumiani

    I myself read that book he references by Tavros and Aronson, “Mistakes were made”. I thought it over-reached itself a bit turning from psychology to social commentary. However the point remains.

    It seems that it’s only when we are confronted with our conflicting views that we feel forced to resolve them somehow. I’ve heard a definition of a saint as being an individual who has actually resolved all their conflicting views and behaviours, both public and private.

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