Newt’s Press Release of Doom

John Lithgow on The Colbert Report the other night, delivering a dramatic rendition of an unintentionally hilarious press release issued by the embattled Gringrich campaign.

Afterwards, Colbert added, “I am sure that won back all of Newt’s supporters that haven’t just watched a Dexter marathon.”



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3 responses to “Newt’s Press Release of Doom

  1. MoS

    At first I thought this must be a gag. It turns out this was an actual press release written by Gingrich’s press secretary, Rick Tyler. I suspect Tyler has a bright future ahead of him selling burgers and fries if he can only give up the Demon Rum. It feels slightly voyeuristic to watch Gingrich shred what remains of his reputation in his campaign. Americans’ penchant for personal reinvention can’t erase Newt’s sordid life.

  2. Oh yeah, Colbert wasn’t kidding when he said the reading was verbatim from the transcript of the release. That’s what made it such a genius idea.

    I’ve maintained for the outset that Newt’s run was nothing but a money-making scam — U.S. politics can be a very profitable, personally enriching endevour, after all, even for failed candidates — but it’s questionable now whether it will even succeed on that level.

  3. That was brilliant.

    Why do rightwing nutjobs find Ann Coulter’s venomous *humour* so funny? She has to construct and fabricate stories about Democrats, liberals and progressives in the US and Canada.

    Colbert – and here, Lithgow – merely employ the very words used by GOP and/or tea-baggers to ridicule them.

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