Apocalypse Not

Well, “Judgment Day” came and went as expected. Pretty much an ordinary start to a long holiday weekend. It rained here but was completely absent of any cataclysmic worldwide earthquakes or the sort of chaotic events that might have resulted from bus drivers and airline pilots being suddenly raptured to Heaven or any number of other cinematically cool, destructive scenarios one might have imaginatively fantasized about. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Howard Camping, the former civil engineer who heads the Family Radio Network of Christian stations that profited handsomely from this multi-million dollar scam is presumably still alive… even though he’s 89 years old and could therefore, actuarially speaking, be dead at any moment. For now though, he’s just not currently taking calls. God also couldn’t be reached for comment.


6 Replies to “Apocalypse Not”

  1. And I was so looking forward to some post-apocalyptic looting too. Oh well, maybe the next crackpot will get the date right?

  2. The only looting I’d like to see is of the $72 million in assets the Family Radio Network has banked over the years from its fraudulent scam.

  3. If you aint scammin’ then you aint trying….ask billionaire Al Gore.
    Im more jealous then I am pissed at these tonic salesmen. Im thinking of starting up an “earthquake” scare…then start selling helium backpacks to help soften the blow to the earth when humans walk on it….eh?…

  4. Hey, the market is WIDE open if you’ve got the gumption and no sense of morality whatsoever. Evidently, there are MILLIONS of gullible suckers faithful believers out there ready and willing to fork over their hard earned money:

    Just don’t ask them to pay ONE IOTA more in taxes to build a road or a school or some stupid shit like that.

  5. Does anyone else find it odd that other scam “artists” are tossed in the slammer while those who willingly prey on the fearful and the ignorant (organized churces, false prophets, politicians, et cetera) walk free and live large?

  6. Yes, it is criminally ironic that hedge fund managers and investment bank executives (to name a couple of examples that immediately come to mind) receive multi-million dollar bonuses for their “performance” rather than the harsh jail sentences they so richly deserve.

    For all the talk of “moral relativism” that self-righteous, so-called “conservatives” furiously decry, they practice it to the Nth degree when it comes white collar crime… turning a blind eye to the malfeasance of these fraudulent scammers and even having the temerity to demand even LESS regulation and enforcement of the law under the ludicrous pretense that they’re “job creators”…

    It’s beyond insane.

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