A Cautious Set of Pricks

Oops. That should be “picks”… What was I thinking?

There goes our hopelessly biased, flaming “liberal media” again… today describing Harper’s bloated cabinet as one “that reflects a mature prime minister skillfully balancing talent, experience, potential and political reality with only a soupçon of stiff-backed willfulness to remind us of his earlier years.”

Wow. That’s harsh. Especially describing them as “unlikely to embarrass Harper.” Why didn’t Ibbitson describe them as “fantastically awesome” or “superbly well qualified”? The liberal media bias is just unrelentingly hostile, isn’t it?

I mean, take Ed Fast, for example, the Conservative MP from Abbotsford who’s now heading up the International Trade portfolio. After all, he’s a lawyer who spent most of his career on a local school board, before serving on the City Council for almost a decade. Not to mention the fact he’s one quarter of gospel group Father’s Daughter, made up of Fast (on piano) and his three daughters, Sonja, Emily, and Rachel.

Who better to head up the negotiations of a thoroughly comprehensive free trade agreement with the European Union, development of the emerging North American Security Perimeter that Harper committed to back in February, and other such matters, than a guy who’s previous experience was being chair of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission for a city of 138,000 people? Why was there no mention in the biased liberal media of his outstanding qualifications for the position or even the fact that some time back he authored an anti child pornography bill? Because, you know, that would be totally relevant to his demonstrable track record of expertise concerning international trade affairs.

Update: Steve Chase of the insufferably “liberal” Globe & Mail (according to wingnuts) weighs in with a shamelessly sycophantic article about Fast Eddie. Oh liberal media… when will you stop attacking Conservative politicians with your relentless handjobs?