World to End on Saturday – Pet Care Available

As you may have heard, according to evangelist Harold Camping, the Rapture is going to occur on May 21st – this weekend!

For true believers concerned about the post-Doomsday fate of their pets, some atheists are happy to provide a solution. For a fee of $135 plus $20 for each additional animal (payable in advance, naturally) a company called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets will drive to your home within 24 hours, find your dog, cat, bird, or caged rodent and adopt it for up to 10 years.

Advice for the Raptured Update: Somegreybloke offers some courteous tips for those about to be teleported to the great hereafter. You know, don‘t drive, don’t go on a vengeful pre-Rapture killing spree… that sort of thing.

Thanks to “Philosoraptor” in the comments for that one.



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9 responses to “World to End on Saturday – Pet Care Available

  1. philosoraptor

    Hey Red

    I love following this nonsense. I suspect that I’m therefore part of the problem…the problem being, of course, that these loonies get far too much press.

    Anyhow, I thought you might like this (and it’s even on topic for once!): somegreybloke on the Rapture

  2. tofkw

    You gotta love Eternal Earth-Bound Pets gumption here. Clearly the entrepreneur behind this enterprise understands P. T. Barnum’s theories of customer-driven product development.

  3. sassy

    WHAT!!!! – they don’t have kibble in heaven?

  4. MoS

    Yeah, but according to Big Ears we’ll all have to wait until it’s 6 p.m., May 21 “in their city.” This crazed shit thinks apocalypse is going to arrive according to your particular time zone. Which means we’ll be able to watch Toronto get wiped out three hours before it gets to the coast. That’s beginning to sound like the price of admission.

  5. MoS: I think the “logic” behind the time-zone thing is that the cataclysmic earthquake will operate with a kind of perfectly timed seismic, knock-on domino effect. Bad enough that these whackadoos have the day of the Rapture predicted, but also the exact time: 6:21 EST.

  6. Dave: Thanks for that! LOL I’m going to include it as an update.

  7. Toe

    I’m late to this party, but mark my words, this gyu’s own demise is actually what he is talking about (he just doesn’t know it yet..*wink-wink*) Bye bye.

  8. But the Wife & Kids just got me new skates for my birthday !

  9. Damn! I’m going to miss the season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice”…

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