Rules of Civility: Glenn Beck Style!

I know that attacking right-wing blowhards for their hypocritical douchebaggery is swinging at the low hanging fruit, but sometimes the urge is just impossible to resist.

On his show today, Beck spent a few minutes decrying the behaviour of people in Los Angeles who, for several hours, exploited a pricing mistake by a gas station without ever bringing the dumb oversight to the attention of the staff. Beck claimed this was a breach of our “moral obligations” and to reinforce his point, he piously wielded a copy of George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation as being a model that we should all strive to live by…

And now, here’s Beck practicing what he preaches about civility and decent behaviour by spending 8 full minutes of his radio program the other week making the sound of vomiting into a bucket at the thought of Meghan McCain baring herself for a PSA about the risks of skin cancer.

Funny thing about those “Rules of Civility” that Beck was flaunting as if they were Holy writ from the Founding Father. In fact, they’re based on a code of conduct devised by the French Jesuits in 1595 and most probably were just copied out as part of an exercise in penmanship assigned by the young Washington’s schoolmaster.

Finally, where does Beck’s “moral obligation” enter into the equation of that free market gemstone Caveat emptor? This, of course was a far more rare case of Caveat venditor, but the principle is essentially the same, no?

One Reply to “Rules of Civility: Glenn Beck Style!”

  1. If Beck and conservatives are going to preach that corporations have no moral responsibility towards us, then we have no moral responsibility towards them, even gas stations. Would Beck ever talk about the moral obligation of UnitedHealthCare or of BP? So fuck Kenny and his Valero.

    It’s inevitable as well, and I think many people realize this at some level, that whoever would be so nice as to go in and alert the management would be either ignored or shat on for his trouble (accused of stealing/hacking, threatened with a lawsuit, a call to a police).

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