Colbert “Super PAC” @ the FEC

Thank goodness there are a few sentinels on television (albeit comedians producing what the rest of the corporate media dismissively calls “fake news”) like Stephen Colbert willing to expose the absolute lunacy of U.S. political campaign finance laws to the merciless ridicule they so richly deserve. Today, Colbert appeared at the FEC to request a “media exemption” for his putative SuperPAC:

For those unfamiliar with the background, MEDIAite provides a brief synopsis:

Here’s the story so far. First, Colbert was told he the PAC ran up against corporate “in-kind donation” rules by discussing it on his Viacom-owned show. Fortunately his “personal lawyer” (former FEC Chairman Trevor Potter) helped show him a loophole where all he needed to do was change it to a SuperPAC by writing the word “Super” on the cover letter. Then, this week, he was told by Viacom lawyers that he could no longer legally speak about his SuperPAC on air. Potter came to the rescue again by telling him about the “media exemption” that the many PAC-holders on Fox News have that claims they are just “reporting the news.” So, once Colbert gets the exemption, he should be able to talk about and support as many candidates and issues as he wants.

In a somewhat less fucked-upped world, another arm of Viacom (i.e., CBS News) would presumably be doing the heavy lifting here…

Newsy Update: