B.C.’s Premier Gets Elected

Good for the ever-chipper Christy Clark, who defied 30 years of precedent in the province and narrowly won a by-election while representing the governing party to secure her place as MLA for Point Grey and the leader of the Liberal Party in the B.C. legislature.

Granted, they’re not actual “Liberals” in the sense most people know that term (being a rather weird, uniquely west coast amalgam of former Socreds, Conservatives and Liberals), but hope springs eternal that Clark can introduce a more progressive, somewhat less dickish tone to the party under her leadership. An effort that may well be helped by the fact that an even more right-wing, anti-tax, gay bashing “Conservative” party is struggling to gain a renewed foothold in the province.


2 Replies to “B.C.’s Premier Gets Elected”

  1. Yeah, I read that. He might play well in the Okanagan and the Bible Belt of the Fraser Valley, but that sort of crap will never sell on the Island.

    Funnily enough, the riding where I grew up had the last actual “Progressive Conservative” in B.C. — Dr. Scott Wallace. He was a really great guy that I admired very much. He’d been by the house a few times for tea when he was campaigning and ended up sharing a hospital room with my Dad when they both had heart attacks. They used to secretly order in chicken and pizza because the food at the Royal Jubilee was so horrible…

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